Time & Attendance Setup

The Time & Attendance Setup page is used by Ceridian implementation consultants to map certain variable fields between Ceridian HR/Payroll and Ceridian Time & Attendance Web (Pro).


Hard-mapped fields Top

This page lists the HR/Payroll fields that are hard mapped to Time & Attendance Web. Because hard-mapped fields contain employee information common to both, their mapping can't be changed. HR/Payroll displays the specific HR/Payroll names on this page for information only. Hard mapped fields hold the following employee information:

Hard-Mapped Field

Employee Information

HR/Payroll Table

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name

First, middle, and last name

EBase (populated during the initial Payroll Translate process)

Hire Date

Most recent hire date

EEmploy (populated during the initial Payroll Translate process)


Status Effective Date

Payroll status and status effective date used by the Ceridian Payroll System (formerly Signature)


Social Security Number

Social Security number

EBase (populated during the initial Payroll Translate process)


A unique identifier for each employee's information

EBase (populated during the initial Payroll Translate process)

Company PSID

Payroll service ID (PSID) of assigned company

EBase (populated during the initial Payroll Translate process)

Variable-mapped fields Top

Some types of information that aren't held in common between HR/Payroll and Time & Attendance Web can be exchanged between the two by variable mapping. Use the Time & Attendance Setup page to map corresponding fields. The following fields that are assigned at the employee level can be mapped:

Time & Attendance Web employee serial number

The serial number is a unique identifier for each employee in Time & Attendance Web. A serial number contains up to 10 characters and is an employee's unique user ID for logging on to Time & Attendance Web.

Personal identification number (PIN)

For Time & Attendance Web to collect information from a time clock, each employee who uses the clock must have a unique identifier known as a PIN or badge number. A specific PIN can be assigned to only one employee at a time. The PIN can be reassigned to another employee only if the original employee no longer uses the time clock or has been assigned a new PIN.


In Time & Attendance Web, department assignment information helps determine an employee's default work schedule and time card approval rights. It is also used for filtering certain reports.

Default labor distribution codes

Labor distribution codes are used to charge individual employee work activities to specific departments, jobs, and cost centers in a company. Time & Attendance Web uses five levels of labor distribution called labor distribution titles which can have multiple codes associated with them. Each code indicates the amount to charge when an employee performs a specific work task.

User-defined fields

User-defined fields on the Time Employee Form in Time & Attendance Web are used to store such information as phone numbers, emergency contacts, and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) information. You can add and change the titles for these fields in the Time System Parameters table in Time & Attendance Web.

To add variable-mapped fields to Time & Attendance Web Top

  1. Open the Time & Attendance Setup page.


  1. Under the Batch User tab, select a batch user.
  2. Under the Field Mapping tab, for Variable Mapped Fields, do the following:
  1. Click Save.

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